Work Study Program Application


Peabody’s Educational Access Channel (Channel 8 on Comcast) is the perfect medium for all students in the city to produce a wide range of diverse educational programs. Peabody TV’s student work study program is a valuable opportunity for local high school students to gain experience in a broadcast television by filming local school events, sporting events, and producing their own projects as well.

The purpose of the Work Study Program is to introduce students to the art of Television, Video, and Media production, and to allow students to explore a potential career path or interest in the field. Our goal is to enable students to create a variety of local programming for cablecast on Peabody’s Educational Access Channel 8.


Skills & Requirements


This program is open to high school students who either live or attend school within the City of Peabody. Students must review and abide by PAT’s Policies and Procedures and Work Study Policies at all times. Experience in film and/or television is not required, however the student must show an interest in one or both.



If the written application is accepted, completing unpaid training classes is required as part of the application process before being an official member of the Work Study Program. Training is an opportunity for the student to learn about Peabody TV, become familiar with equipment, and decide if they are a good fit for the program. The mandatory training classes are: camera basics, editing, and shot composition. Optional trainings will be offered throughout the year in the following subjects: studio production, truck production, Photoshop, and filmmaking. Students may also request addition training in areas of their choosing.



Prior to the student’s start date, a W‐4 and I‐9 form must be filed at PAT with all information complete. Students also need a checking account for direct deposit. Students will be paid a starting rate of $11.00/hour, with opportunities for growth throughout the program.



While no experience is required the following are desired skills:

  • Basic production skills and desire to learn both field and studio production equipment
  • Minimal experience in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere, After FX, and Photoshop)
  • Ability to pay attention to detail, motivated, self‐starter able to work both independently and as part of a group
  • Possess good written and verbal communication skills


Projects Students Can Be Paid For:

Students will assist with various projects over the course of their employment. The following are the types of projects that PAT offers to students in the program:

  1. Film and/or edit live community events, including B-Roll.
  2. Film, edit, or assist in truck shoots for Peabody Sports (Football, Basketball, Softball, etc.)
  3. Create custom content for channel 8 (Education). Students may request to create videos of their own idea. If the idea is approved, the production qualifies for payment (An approval form will be provided to assist you with this process).
  4. PAT-created group projects. PAT can create projects for any of its 3 channels or for the web (Documentaries, PSAs, Music Videos, News Shows, etc.) Students will not be paid for planning stages but will be paid for production of these videos.

It is the student’s responsibility to frequently check in with PAT staff for event opportunities throughout the year. We will maintain a crew‐call e‐mail list to assist with providing this info.

Work Study Application

Weekday Availability*

Weekend Availability*

If an opportunity is available, a member of our staff will contact you to schedule an interview. If accepted, you will be asked to attend a brief orientation session and schedule and your mandatory training sessions.