About Us

Peabody Access Telecommunications, Inc. (Peabody TV) operates Channels 8, 9, and 99 in the City of Peabody.  No place else brings you gavel-to-gavel coverage of government meetings, or high school sports,  candidate forums, concerts, and public affairs programming.  Nowhere else can you consume content specifically produced by and for Peabody residents.

About Us

Peabody Access Telecommunications was established on June 1, 2006 and produces the programming for Channels 8, 9, and 99 in the City of Peabody.


When Mayor Peter Torigian brought cable television to the City of Peabody back in October of 1980, it was groundbreaking. Twenty-five years later, Mayor Michael Bonfanti changed the landscape again when, with the stroke of a pen, authorized Comcast to fund a non-profit organization to “provide services to Public, Educational, and Governmental Access users”.  And, thus, PAT was born.


In June 2017, Mayor Edward Bettencourt successfully secured a significant increase in Peabody TV’s funding when signed the new ten-year cable license.  In doing so, he ensured that PEG access operations will continue for years to come.

Early in 2018, Mayor Bettencourt announced plans for a municipal fiber network,  yet again breaking technological barriers in the City.   Peabody TV looks forward to partnering with the City and the Peabody Municipal Light Plant on this exciting endeavour.


Our Mission

Our mission is to stimulate cultural, artistic, and political expression through the use of video and digital media; to provide a secure forum that will allow the diverse populations of Peabody an avenue to explore the free and open exchange of ideas, and to provide open access to the most current communications technology.


PAT tells an excellent story of Peabody highlighting the best of the city and the schools!

Jarred H.

Great staff! Creative space! PAT offers telecomm equipment training for people of all ages and abilities in their beautiful space. They also offer great coverage of local events.

Martha H.

Fantastic staff! A wonderful resource to the community.

Brian V.



119 Foster St.
Building 13, Suite 2B
Peabody, MA 01960

Peabody Access Telecommunications

Peabody Access Telecommunications has been the primary resource for the creation and distribution of local programming in the City of Peabody since 2007.